Apple sliced 
Apple sliced with caramel
Berries in pieces
Cantaloupe pieces
Cantaloupe section without syrup
Grapefruit section without syrup
Honeydew melon balls
Honeydew melon pieces 
Honeydew melon section without syrup
Orange section without syrup
Pineapple pieces 
Pineapple section without syrup
Red grape boiler
Red grape without syrup
Fruit salad
Fruit salad small cup 
Cantaloup small portion
Grapefruit salad section
Orange salad section
Baby carrot vacuum peeled 
Beet diced
Beet julienne
Beet peeled
Beet vacuum-packed 
Bell pepper strip mixed red green yellow
Bell pepper yellow skewer
Bell pepper yellos strip
Broccoli floret
Butternut squash, diced
Cabbage, thinly sliced
Cabbage shredded 
Cabbage & carrot shredded
Cabbage long shredded
Cabbage red shredded
Savoy cabbage shredded
Celery root shredded
Carrot 3 colors mini peeled
Carrot brunoise
Carrot diced
Carrot grated
Carrot julienne
Carrot mini cello
Carrot peeled
Carrot kosher peeled 
Carrot sticks
Carrot with dip
Cauliflower florets
Celery brunoise
Celery diced
Celery sticks
Cherry tomato
Chestnuts vacuum-packed 
Chopped parsley
Eggplant diced
Eggplant sliced
Fresh peas peeled
Garlic peeled
Greek peeled potato
Green bell pepper on a strip
Green bell pepper on skewer
Green pepper, diced
Green pepper sliced
Green shallot sliced
Iceberg gardeners
Iceberg sliced
Jalapeno, diced
Kale, cut green
Kosher peeled potato
Leek sliced
Lettuce leaf, net
Mushroom thickly sliced
Onion brunoise
Onion cippolini peeled
Onion diced
Onion peeled jumbo
Onion peeled jumbo kosher
Onion ring peeled
Onion skewer
Onion sliced red
Onion thin strip
Parisian potato peeled
Parisian potato vacuum-packed
Parsnip sliced
Parsnip julienned
Potato diced
Potato diced vacuum packed
Potato kosher diced
Potato jumbo peeled
Potato sliced peeled
Potato sliced vacuum-packed
Potato peeled
Peeled portuguese potato

Radish daikon julienne
Radish grated
Red bell pepper skewer
Red bell pepper strap
Red pepper diced 
Red pepper sliced
Red onion sliced
Red onion peeled
Romaine lettuce fillet 
Romaine lettuce, chopped
Shallot, dry, peeled
Shallots, browned
Soup mix
Spaghetti mix
Sweet pea
Sweet potato sticks
Sweet potato, diced
Sweet potato, peeled
Turnip cube
Turnip stick
Turnip, peeled
Vegetable cut in dice
Yellow pepper sliced
Yellow zucchini sliced
Zucchini diced 
Zucchini sliced
Zucchini sticks

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