Baguette ciabatta mutigrain
Baguette with bag 
Brioche burger 
Brioche burger - mini
Burger cluster potato 
Brioche hot dog 
C- Burger
Ciabatta 6" 
Ciabatta olive oil 
Club white sliced brioche 3/4 
Potato burger 
Sliced brioche hot dog 
Sliced country loaf
Sliced gluten-free white 
Sliced white
Sliced white gluten-free  
Sprouted grains sliced 
White small
Country Panini  
French Panini  
French toast
Hebrew bread Challah  
Mie - assortment   
Mie nature 
MTL Kosher  
Panini with wheat  
Pita Greek
Pita small  
Pumpernickle sandwich onion & beets
Rye sliced
Rye unsliced 
Slider fresno  
Slider roll 
Small diamond  
Small old grain diamond  
Submarine 10"  
Submarine 7"
Sweet potato and curry sandwich   
Walnut and pistachio 
Chocolatine - mini raw
Chocolate - mini with butter
Perfect chocolatine 
Vegan chocolatine
Croissant - Almond 
Croissant - Amandine 
Croissant - Butter 
Croissant - Hazelnut cocoa filling 
Croissant - Multigrain 
Croissant - Mini 
Croissant - Raspberry filling 
Perfect croissant 
Vegan right croissant 
Apple pie mini 
Danish mini
Danish mini assortment 
Liege waffle
Mini chocolate bread 
White : 5" /  6" / 7" / 10" / 12" 
Whole wheat 12"
Dried tomato and basil 12"
Corn 4" 
Corn white 6" 
Corn yellow 6" 
Nachos chips yellow raw 
Nachos 3 colors
Nachos chips yelow triangle 
Frozen tarts 
Large salty round 
Large chocolate round 
Large vanilla round  
Large graham
Small salty round 
Small vanilla round
Small chocolate round
English muffin
Filo dough
Frozen plain tray
Pie bottom crust
Puff pastry dough
St-Viateur Bagel
Steamed Bao
Steamed baozi brioche 
Savory pie base


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