Qualifraîche 3/8
Qualifraîche 3/8 red with skin
Qualifraîche 7/16 white 
Qualifraîche 7/16 red
Qualifraîche 7/16 with skin
Qualifraîche 9/32
Qualifraiche cube red
Alumette with skin Qualifreeze
Batured potato chips with skin
Chunky Diced
Clear Coat 7/16 
Dollar chip
Fresh chill diced
Fries max 3/8 
Garlic and rosemary in quarters
Golden crisp 3/8
Illusion 9/32
Max 7/16
Old fashion 7/16 
Onion rings
Savoury wedges
Spicy spiral
Super spicy wedge
Sweet fries 
Sweet thick fried
TaterChef julienne 9/32 

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