Arancini cheese
Arancini wild mushroom
Artichoke heart and goat cheese
Baluchon filo, oka, apple, almond & honey
Bocconcini pesto Kalamata olive
Chicken quesadilla
Chicken satay
Crab cake (100% crab)
Duck & mandarine in phyllo
Duck filo roll
Egg roll mini smoked meat
Hors d'oeuvres sausage and bacon
Hors d'oeuvres scallop and bacon
Hors d'oeuvres wellington beef mini
Hot dog bread mini
Lobster rolls mini
Macaroni and cheese truffled
Mini cheeseburger caramalized onions
Mini grilled cheese
Mini grilled cheese with duck
Mini philly steak
Mini pulled pork burger
Pear mini goat cheese and nuts
Quiche cheese mini
Quiche lorainne mini
Samosa vegetarien
Sausage roll
Seafood cornet
Spanikopita mini
Quiche lorraine/florentine
Spring rolls vegetable mini
Arancini cheese
Arancini with truffe
Arancini Margherita
Crab cake (100% crab)
Empanada with Reuben smoked meat &  Swiss Cheese
Falafel mini
​Kibbeh mini
Lamb kefta mini with puff pastries  
Macaroni & cheese bites
Macaroni & cheese bites with Jalapeno 
Macaroni & cheese bites with truffle
Mediterranean Kefta cigar

Blinis cocktail 
Blinis mini
Cheese stick
Jalapeno popper
Snail helix lucorum 

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