Ancestral multicolored
Sea bacon
Dulse of the sea
Kombu royal 
Sea lettuce
Sea grape
Ses truffle
Balsam fir branch
Balsam fir  
Birch syrup
Boreal spice blend
Caribou moss
Cattail cobs
Cattail heart
Coniferous cone
Daylily button
Dried cherry
Dried monard
Dune pepper
Elderberry syrup
Elderflower syrup
Icelandic moss
Juniper berry
Juniper needle

Labrador tea
Marinated immature elderberry
Milkweed broccoli
Organic cooking hay
Orpin poupre 
Oxcalis butterfly
Oyster leaf (maritime mertemsie)
Pickled daisy button
Pickled immature blueberry
Pickled violin head
Pimbina syrup
Plantain maritime 
Royal pepper (balsam myric)
Rubicond vinegar
Scaled nuts
Sea aragula
Sea parsley
Sea peas
Sea sablin
Sea spinach 
Sumac vinaigrier
Sweet clover essence
Syrup carmine balconville 
Tea from the woods
Terrestrial ivy
Topimabour powder
Verjuice jelly
Wild hay
Wild licorice
Wild nettle leaf
Wild rose syryp

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