Short ribs AA
Filet mignon, fresh AA+
Flank steak AA+
Prime ribs AA

Veal - Frozen 
Chopped corse lean 
Finely chopped lean 
Milk-fed chop 
Pork - Frozen
Bacon in pieces 
Ground pork
Pork & beef sausage
Pork tenderloin

Various - Frozen
Ground beef 
Ground turkey 
Grison meat
Ham top
Fresh chicken - Quebec 
Boneless fresh chicken breast trimmed
Fresh chicken breast
Whole chicken rotisserie with rope 

Frozen chicken - Quebec
Chicken breast portion 
Chicken drumsticks
Semi-trimmed boneless chicken thigh
Whole chicken
Chicken Wings - Pintys
Thundercrunch Chicken Burger 
Thundercrunch Chicken Fingers
Thundercrunch Chicken Nuggets

Vegan Chicken 
Chicken Bite
Chicken Fillet
Mini Kibble
Fresh Duck - Quebec 
Confit thigh
Filtered grease 
Foie gras can torchon
Smoked breast 

Frozen Duck 
Foie gras escalope 
Foie gras catégorie B 
Foie gras trimmings

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