Baby corn
Bell pepper green
Bell pepper red 
Bell pepper orange
Bell pepper yellow
Green jalapeno pepper
Iceberg lettuce
Jalapeno pepper, sliced
Lime Finger

Long hot chili pepper
Poblano pepper
Pre-cut jalapeno, diced
Red hot chili pepper
Red jalapeno pepper
Red onion jumbo
Red onion, medium/large
Red onion, pre-sliced
Romaine heart lettuce
Sliced jalapeno pepper
Sweet corn bicolor 
Frozen Products 
Corn kernels
Ground beef
Black bean and sweet potato burger 
Boneless chicken breast, trimmed 
Chicken quesadilla (appetizer) 
Churros traditional raw
Corn Kosher
Corn kernels Aristo
Corn kernels - Quebec
Jalapeno popper
Mexican mix 
Nacho cheese 
Nacho chips raw yellow 
Nachos chips 3 colors
Frozen Tortillas
4" corn
5" white
6" white
6" white corn
6" yellow corn
6" soft white corn
7" white
8" white
10" white
12" white
12" whole grain
Dried tomato and basil 12" 
Spinach and fine herbs 12"
Aji amarillo paste 
Ancho pepper dried
Baby corn canned
Bean salad mixed
Black beans canned
Black beans dried
Black olives sliced
Chili pepper dried
Grain corn canned
Chipotle pepper in adobo sauce
Crushed chili pepper
Giant dry lima beans
Guajillo pepper dried
Hot sauce 
Kidney beans red dried
Kidney beans white dried
Maseca corn flour
Nacho chips yellow triangle
Pinto beans canned
Piquillo pepper
Queso fresco cheese
Salsa con queso
Sour Cream 14 % 
Sour cream 18 %

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